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GASTEC quality assurance

As the emphasis shifts from mere detection to precise measurement on the parts per billion (ppb) or 1/1000ppm scale, the users demand even better performance and the highest quality from their detector tube systems.
To satisfy these demands, GASTEC utilises a strict and comprehensive quality assurance program that involves all corporate levels from the planning and development to the production and inspection departments. Each department has its specific and stringent standard, and only products that have met all these standards are shipped.

The prerequisites for optimal performance

The four essential features of GASTEC's program are:

1. Meticulous planning and development

The key criteria are the substances to be measured, the measuring range and objective as well as the intended measurement environments. In development, never-ceasing efforts are made to produce a clear demarcation of colour change and to expand the measuring range of a detector tube beyond existing limits.

2. Enhanced reagent stability

Detector tube measurement utilises a chemical reaction of reagents with the target substance. Reagent stability may well determine the shelf life of a detector tube. At GASTEC, we have been endeavouring to develop reagents with still greater stability as well as striving to improve the quality of conventional reagents.

3. Improved detector tube accuracy

Advances in production technologies are greatly enhancing the accuracy of detector tubes. Today, important factors that may affect the accuracy of detector tube systems include inconsistent (inner) tube diametres or hampered flow of sampled air due to the resistance of the filling reagents and packing material.

4. Accurate calibration gas generation

A precise calibration scale is the lifeline of a detector tube. Measurements with the most meticulously fabricated top-quality detector tube are useless, if the tube is not correctly and precisely calibrated as well. Ever since GASTEC was established, the calibration scale for all detector tubes of the same production lot is determined by sampling with a standard gas (whose concentration is precisely defined and regulated using the Company's proprietary technology).