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Hydrogen sulphide detector

Toxic gases can be found in a wide variety of manufacturing processes, on the work site and in nature itself. Among these is hydrogen sulphide, which poses a threat to human health as well as a danger of explosion. GASTEC offers Hydrogen sulphide detectors for measuring levels of hydrogen sulphide.

Product list

  • Hydrogen sulphide detector For preventing oxygen depletion For safety control

    Specific sensor developed for measuring hydrogen sulphide

    Hydrogen sulphide detectorHS-7A/HS-7A-S

    Incorporates a constant potential electrolytic type sensor, enabling hydrogen sulphide to be accurately measured.

    * The HS-7A-S comes with a 5 m sensor cord.

    Hydrogen sulphide detector HS-7A/HS-7A-S
  • Hydrogen sulphide detector Sewer system control monitor

    H2S continuous monitoring is simple, convenient and reliable.

    Hydrogen Sulphide Data LoggerGHS-8AT-EX

    If corrosive hydrogen sulphide is generated in the sewer system, it makes rust in the sewer and generates odours from underground.
    In the worst case, the H2S gas greatly damages buildings and facilities.
    The GHS-8AT-EX data logger makes it possible for continuous monitoring in the sewer system.
    Continuous monitoring is provided to watch the sewer system, corrosion of sewage pipelines and generation source of offensive odours.

    Hydrogen Sulphide Data Logger GHS-8AT-EX