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2Ag airtec tube quality issue

We found that Airtec tube No. 2Ag for measuring Carbon Dioxide in compressed air gives result higher than actual concentration.
The shipment of No. 2Ag therefore is suspended until the quality improvement is completed.
Unused tube No. 2Ag can be replaced with No. 2A. Please contact GASTEC for the details of replacement procedure.
We apologize for any inconvenience this problem may cause to our partners and customers. We will not spare effort to ensure stricter quality control to prevent recurrence.
Product information No.2Ag and No.2A
Gas or Mist Gastec Tube No. Measuring Range Flow Rate
Sampling Time
Shelf Life
Carbon dioxide 2A 250 - 3000 ppm 100 5 2
2Ag 200 - 3000 ppm 100 1.5 3

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