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Notification of the extension of Shelf Life for 14 Numbers of Detector Tubes

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The 14 Numbers of Detector Tubes listed below presently have a Shelf Life of 2 years. After performing various tests, long term stability tests, etc., we have decided to extend the Shelf Life of these 14 Numbers of Detector Tubes to 3 years and have confirmed that they still meet the required Product Specifications. We will gradually be shipping the extended Shelf Life Detector Tube Numbers below into the marketplace.

Before the change: Shelf Life of 2 years.
After the change: Shelf Life of 3 years.

The Shelf Life is the period of time after manufacturing that Gastec assures the quality of the Detector Tubes provided the storage condition described on the box is maintained.

The following Detector Tube Numbers have an extended Shelf Life.

Detector Tube No. Detector Tube Name
1A Carbon Monoxide
2A Carbon Dioxide
6AH Water Vapour
6A Water Vapour
6Ag Water Vapour
7H Phosphine
13L Carbon Disulphide
21LA Carbonyl Sulphide
75 tert-Butyl Mercaptan
92 Acetaldehyde
113TP Isopropyl Alcohol
122TP Toluene
136LA Methyl Bromide
180L Amines

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