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Gastec Corporation 50th Anniversary greetings

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support.

It will be the 50th anniversary of Gastec Corporation on September 1, 2020, and we would wholeheartedly like to thank our customers for their continued support and guidance over the years.
It was towards the end of World Expo`70 (the World Fair held in Osaka Prefecture, Japan between March 15 and September 13, 1970), that at a small factory in Nippa-cho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City on September 01, 1970, development was started on Japan`s first direct reading Detector Tubes, which indicated gas concentration directly on a calibration scale printed on the tube. Since then we have developed and expanded our product line-up to include various Gas Sensors, Gas Detectors, Calibration Gas Generation Systems, Automatic Air Sampling Pumps, etc. Over the last 50 years we have been able, to some extent, to respond to changes in society and customer needs; and have contributed to our customer`s safety. I am grateful that this has contributed to our growth today.
Since our founding, we have consistently emphasised the need to perform simple measurements. The details of this requirement and the social environment have changed over time, and we continue to value the following three principles: easy to operate and not requiring great skill, reading immediately available at the point of measurement, and reading has the required accuracy and reproducibility.
We will continue to hold these principles dearly and endeavour to create products that contribute to the safety of our customers, and look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement in the future.

To conclude, we hope that the New Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end quickly. Stay safe and healthy!

Hiroshi Oguchi