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Ethly mercaptan Detector Tube No.72LN , Mercaptans Detector Tube No.70LN

New tube
Ethly mercaptan No.72LN , Mercaptans No.70LN
Conventional detector tubes for Ethly mercaptan & Mercaptans use inorganic mercury for detecting agent, but we work on a reduction of environmental burdens and launched products which do not contain hazardous substances.
Substance to be measured Tube no. & name Measuring range
Scale range
No. of
per box
Detector tube type Notes
Ethyl mercaptan 72LN Ethyl mercaptan (Mercury-free) 0.15-57.5 (0.5)-25 10 Short-term measurement
Mercaptans 70LN Mercaptans (Mercury-free) 0.1-8 0.5-4 10 Short-term measurement

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