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Toxic gas detection kitTG-1

Quick, easy identification of toxic gases

The primary step towards being able to prevent hazardous gas generation at the workplace, as part of occupational hygiene and pollution control, is to acquire accurate data regarding the emitted gas types and their concentration levels. Our hazardous gas detection kit consists of 12 detector tubes.

  • There is no need to possess special technology, knowledge or skills.
  • Operation is simple. There is no need to carry out electrical or mechanical operations.
  • One measurement takes place in 1-4 minutes, enabling the product to function rapidly in an emergency.
  • There is no need for a power supply, so you can carry out measurement in any location whatever and judge the results on the spot.
  • Both the initial cost and running costs are low, and maintenance is unnecessary.
Toxic gas detection kit TG-1

Detector tube

Substance to be measured Tube no. & name Measuring range
Scale range
No. of
per box
Detector tube type Notes
Acetone 151L Acetone 50-12000 50-4000 10 Short-term measurement
Ammonia 3La Ammonia 2.5-220 5-100 10 Short-term measurement
Bromine 8La Chlorine 0.05-0.8 10 Short-term measurement
Carbon monoxide 1L Carbon monoxide 2.5-2000 (25)-1000 10 Short-term measurement
Ethyl acetate 141 Ethyl acetate 0.1-1.5% 0.1-1.5% 10 Short-term measurement
Hydrogen chloride 14L Hydrogen chloride 0.2-76 1-20 10 Short-term measurement
Hydrogen cyanide 12L Hydrogen cyanide 0.5-150 2.5-60 10 Short-term measurement
Hydrogen sulphide 4LL Hydrogen sulphide 0.25-120 (2.5)-60 10 Short-term measurement For preventing oxygen depletion
Methanol 111L Methanol 20-1000 40-1000 10 Short-term measurement
Qualitative analysis 107 Polytec tube-1 Qualitative analysis Qualitative analysis 10 Polytec For firefighting

Unknown Gases

Stoddard solvent 128 Stoddard solvent 50-8000mg/m3 50-8000mg/m3 10 Short-term measurement
1,1,1-Trichloroethane 135 1,1,1-Trichloroethane(Methyl chloroform) 100-2000 100-500 5 Short-term measurement

How to use

Airstream check using a smoke tester
Commencement of measurement using detector tube polytec No. 107 for qualitative measurement of an unknown gas
Progressive measurement using a detector tube, according to the judgment of a matrix diagram
Judgment (gas name check, non-existent, below the detection limit)