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Flue gas measuring kitSG-1/SG-2

SO2,NO2 and O2 in smoke can be measured

The Environmental Agency of Japan recommends this kit as a means of exhaust gas detection. This kit is in use primarily at such smog generating sources as turbines and diesel engines. The GASTEC SG-1/SG-2 measuring system has been approved for three gases : sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and oxygen.

  • Measurements of SO2,NO2, and O2, in smoke and soot
  • Measurement is completed in less than 60 seconds, enabling the measured results to be known on the spot.
  • No special technology, knowledge or skill are required.
  • Excellent repeatability. The difference in results obtained by different persons is small.
  • Both the initial cost and running costs are low, and maintenance is unnecessary.
Flue gas measuring kit SG-1/SG-2

Detector tube

Sulphur dioxide (5M, 5L), oxides of nitrogen (11HA, 11S), oxygen (31B) * In addition to these substances, there are about 300 types including CO and CO2.

Substance to be measured Tube no. & name Measuring range
Scale range
No. of
per box
Detector tube type Notes
Nitrogen oxides 11HA Nitrogen oxides 50-2500 (50)-2500 10 Short-term measurement
11S Nitrogen oxides 5-625 (10)-250 10 Short-term measurement
Oxygen 31B Oxygen 3-24% 6-24% 5 Short-term measurement For preventing oxygen depletion
Sulphur dioxide 5M Sulphur dioxide 20-3600 100-1800 10 Short-term measurement
5L Sulphur dioxide 1.25-200 5-100 10 Short-term measurement