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Carbon monoxide and Carbon dioxide detectorCMCD-200

The compact body permits accurate measurement of CO and CO2 in buildings and offices.

Can simultaneously measure carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, quickly and accurately.

  • The product is small and light, weighing a mere 600 g. It can thus be carried around with ease.
  • The indication accuracy for CO is +/-1ppm, putting it in the high reliability class (within the range of 0-10 ppm).
  • The energy conservation switch reduces the drain on the batteries.
  • The lighting switch enables you to easily read the measured results even in a dark location.
  • The CO sensor can be replaced by the customer.
  • The product can be powered by three kinds of power supply (dry batteries, nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries, and AC supply).
  • 24-hour measurement can be performed (by using the optional AC adapter).
  • Incorporates a logging function.
Carbon monoxide and Carbon dioxide detector CMCD-200


Target gas Carbon monoxide Carbon dioxide
Measurement range 0.0 - 50.0 ppm (Service range: 50.1 - 59.9 ppm; For 60.0 or higher, "OVER" is displayed.) 0 - 6,000 ppm (Service range: 6,000 - 9,950 ppm; For 10,000 ppm or above, "OVER" is displayed.)
Measurement method Controlled potential electrolysis method Non-diffusion infrared absorption method
Sampling method Diaphragm pump
Display LCD digital display (Displayed contents: Instantaneous concentration, Average value over 1 minute, Time and date, Remaining battery capacity)
Indicating accuracy(20ºC, during calibration) 0 - 10.0 ppm: +/- 1ppm
10.1 - 50.0 ppm: +/- 5 % of full scale
0 - 2,000 ppm: +/- 50 ppm
2,001 - 4,000 ppm: +/- 100 ppm
4,001 - 6,000 ppm: +/- 300 ppm 
Operating Temperature / Humidity range Temperature : -5 - 40 ℃
Relative humidity : 30 - 90 %RH
Power source Four Size AA alkaline batteries or nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries, AC adapter (optional)
Dimensions 155 (W) x 72 (D) x 95 (H) mm (Excluding protrusions)
Weight 600 g (including batteries)
*The products may not be sold depending on countries and regions. 


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