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Oxygen detectorGOA-7H/GOA-7H-S

GASTEC's Oxygen detector can quickly and accurately measure oxygen concentrations at a variety of different work sites subject to host of complicated and varying factors.

*The GOA-7H-S comes with a 5 m sensor cord.

  • Small, compact and lightweight, only 110g
  • One-touch calibration to oxygen levels of 20.9%
  • Explosion proof
  • Low power consumption
Oxygen detector GOA-7H/GOA-7H-S
*The products may not be sold depending on countries and regions. 


Measurement range 0.0 - 25.0 % (enhanced range: 25.1 - 42.0 %)
Measurement principle Galvanic cell
Sampling method Diffusion
Indicating accuracy +/- 0.5%(O2)
Alarm threshold <18%
Display Digital LCD
Explosion proof Certified by Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
(Class Ex ia ⅡC T3 Ga / Certification No.TC22573)
Operating Temperature / Humidity range Temperature : -10 - 40 ℃
Relative humidity : 30 - 90 %RH
Power source One AAA alkaline battery provides about 4000 hours of operation
(when no alarm signal is emitted)
Dimensions 48(W) x 37(D) x 105(H) mm
Weight 110g


Available in lengths of 5m, 10m, 20m, 30m.

allows for vertical and horizontal remote measurement up to 2.84m.

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