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Fumigation Probe380

Measurements inside a container

The GASTEC Fumigation Probe is connected to the Gas Detector Tube and inserted through the rubber seal of the closed container to measure residual fumigants.
Currently, applicable tubes are limited.

Fumigation Probe 380


Total length Total length of probe: 44 ㎝ / Hose: 100 ㎝
weight 240g

Detector tube

Currently only the detector tubes listed below are applicable to No.380.

Substance to be measured Tube no. & name Measuring range
Scale range
No. of
per box
Detector tube type Notes
Ethylene oxide 163LL Ethylene oxide 0.1-10 0.1-5 5 Short-term measurement
Formaldehyde 91L Formaldehyde 0.1-45.0 (0.1)-5.0 10 Short-term measurement
Methyl bromide 136LL Methyl bromide 0.1-3.0 0.1-1.2 5 Short-term measurement
Phosphine 7LA Phosphine 0.05-9.8 (0.1)-1.5 10 Short-term measurement
Sulphuryl fluoride 231 Sulphuryl fluoride 1-20 1-20 4 PYROTEC Use Pyrotec Pyrolyzer No. 860