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For measuring sulphides in waste water and sludge

This kit enables quick measurement (approx. 10 min.) of sulphide in bodies of water or in waste water without any special equipment and skills. Take a sample with the gas generator tube, add sulphuric acid and simply measure the amount of hydrogen sulphide generated using the detector tube.


Detector tube

Substance to be measured Tube no. & name Measuring range
Scale range
No. of
per box
Detector tube type Notes
Sulphides 201H Sulphides 0.02-0.20mg 0.02-0.20mg 10 Sulphides measurement system No.330
201L Sulphides 0.002-0.020mg 0.002-0.020mg 10 Sulphides measurement system No.330

How to use

The measured out mud and soil is put in the generation tube and 5mL of distilled water are added.
In case of muddy water, it suffices to add a small amount of distilled water (measured out in a graduated cylinder) to the gas generation tube.
Put the cap on the generation tube.
Both ends of the detector tube (No.201H or No.201L) are broken off, and one end of the detector tube is connected to the gas generation tube and the other to the gas sampling pump.
18N 2 mL of sulphuric acid are added to the gas generation tube.
Pull the handle of the gas sampling pump to draw in a sample of the generated hydrogen sulphide.
(By repeating this process several times, all sulphides become hydrogen sulphide several times repeatedly).
The scale in the detector tube is read, and the concentration of the sulphide in the sample is calculated.