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Gas sampling pump kitGV-100LS

Shoulder-case type

The Gas sampling pump GV-100, pump accessories (3 rubber inlets and lubricant), as well as the instruction sheet are provided in a convenient shoulder bag.

Gas sampling pump kit GV-100LS


Extension hoses can be attached to the tip of the gas sampling pump (Model GV-100) and used for remote downward measurement in confined spaces, such as manholes, tanks, etc.

The Tube tip holder doubles as a detector tube tip breaker and a storage receptacle for up to 260 broken tips, thereby preventing glass fragments from scattering.

The twin tube holder protects twin tubes from drop and damage or prevents injury to the user during a measurement.

Reusable rubber caps can be attached to the broken edges of the detector tubes as an extra precautionary safety measure.

GV-700 can maintain a vacuum of 50mL or 100mL in the pump body This allows the user to attach the appropriate tube to pump, and then in situations where it is necessary, to take the sample using one hand. In the body of the Adapter there is a small rod which can be moved in or out quite easily with one finger.

The hot probe is a cooling device for measuring hot gases (60 to 600ºC / 140 to 1112 ºF) such as exhaust from vehicles and incinerators by cooling them down to normal temperatures. The stability of the device is enhanced when it is secured with the hot probe holder (No.345A)

Horizontal and vertical measuring

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