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Thinking of the Environment

What exactly do we mean when we say "the environment"?

With the one word "environment," people refer to various things.
For example, take your school or home and the surrounding area.
It is hot in the classroom, it is cold in the gym, the sound of the cars outside is so loud that it's difficult to hear the teacher's voice at times, the smells from the nearby factory are annoying, and even the road to school is busy with cars, which pose a safety hazard... These are some of the unpleasant things in our environment. Indeed, our environment is affected by temperatures, sounds, smells and various other factors that we cannot detect with our five senses.

As humankind has evolved, so has the demand for greater comfort and convenience. In fact, the advance of modern science and technology is in large part due to this growing demand for greater comfort and convenience.
At the same time, the progress of humankind is creating vast amounts of waste and using up considerable resources and energy as a result.
Since, substantial damage is being caused to our natural environment, the natural resources and energy - that we rely on at home, at school, in towns, cities, and everywhere on this precious planet Earth - are rapidly being depleted. So, it is very important to protect our environment and save natural resources through such means as energy conservation, recycling, etc. A better environment means healthier, happier people around the world!

Let GASTEC help you help the environment